Coliving Podcasts

I’ve been lucky enough to be a guest on many different Coliving podcasts to have discussions with industry pioneers that also have a true passion for building better future living solutions. During each interview I typically get the chance to explain how I got into Coliving in the first place before we cover some of the biggest topics in the industry. Discussion points have covered a lot of ground including how spatial design in Coliving can increase human wellbeing, what Coliving will look like post Covid-19, and even how living trends of the past forty years have led to political polarization.

Video Interviews

The Coliving Code Show host Christine McDannell and I had the chance to cover some of my favorite Coliving operators around the world, the differences between the centralized and decentralized Coliving models, and how Coliving will adapt to confront the challenges posed by Covid-19.

Matt Baker, the co-founder of The HMO Platform and one of the pioneers of shared living in the UK, had me on his show to chat about all things coliving. Topics varied from the psychology research of British anthropologist Robin Dunbar to strategies to properly scale a coliving business while maintaining strong communities.

A very fun interview with the founder of Thrive Co-Living Communities, Mark Stein. As two huge fans of chatting about new shared living models for the future, Mark and I chatted at length about why coliving fits 21st century lifestyles better than traditional living and how the model is also financially sustainable.


Bill Manassero, the host of Old Dawg’s REI Network, had me on his show to discuss a high level overview of the financial model behind coliving and why it’s such high demand in cities around the world.

In this episode of Colife Coffee Talk, Kalen Hayman and I dove into my MBA summer associate program where I had the chance to travel the world of coliving, attending events and visiting coliving operators across the US and South East Asia.

Another Co-Liv podcast hosted by Kelsea Crawford (Cutwork) and Fabrice Simondi (Vitanoe). The panel included myself, Philip Grace (Director of Development for Node & former Head of Global Expansion for Quarters), and Williams Johnson Mota (Founder of B-Hive Living).

A US Co-Liv meetup hosted by Frank Frantz from Bounce Coliving and includes panelists Abby Hudson (Founder, CEO of Wander), Johnny Wolff (CEO of Homeroom), myself, and Colin DePree (Salto Systems, N. America).

Fellow coliving enthusiast Zach Walter and I had a fun chat about how I first got into coliving and why it’s important to spend time doing things you’re passionate about.

The first ever virtual Singapore Co-Liv meetup, Gui Perdrix and I presented on the viability of the modern version of coliving as well as the potential to “Crack Coliving’s Dilemma” by building robust, scalable communities.

Paul Burke and I had the chance to cover my work with Coliving Insights, my thoughts on coliving’s dilemma between Community and Scalability, and my Case for Coliving research into how coliving can play a role in solving various societal challenges in the United States today.

Fellow Asia School of Business classmate Rory Healy and I chatted about why coliving is gaining popularity in different parts of the world as well as the unique challenge faced by coliving operators.

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